is role played by Aniju Aura.


Whitefang(YQF004) was born on August 9, 19997 in the newly formed Quapaw Pack. Her mother was Violet who had left the Rascals to form the new group. Her father was Druid male named Marico. She was born with two brothers Kazmo(YQM001) and YQM003 and two sisters named Jazebell(YQF002) and Roise(YQF005). They were the first litter ever born in the Quapaw. Her mother was no the alpha female but her another Rascals female named River Song and Anubis was the alpha male. The pups grew fast after being the only pups within the group. Soon another female named Whippet gave birth to a litter of pups. Josephina joined the group. Not too long after this, the Qupaw encountered the Hell Hounds, the pack which Anubis was from. The Quapaw moved to a new den, but during the den move Whitefang wondered off from the pack and got lost. She was found by three Druid rovers and surprisenly they took her back to their pack.


Whitefang was adopted into the Druids. Whitefang is still in the Druids today.


Mother: Violet

Father: Marico

Sisters: Jazebell and Roise

Brothers: Kazmo and YQM003


Quapaw Pack

Druids Pack