Tabby is role played by Aniju Aura.
Tabby Rascals



Tabby(VYRF016) was born on born April 1, 1996 in the Rascals. Her mother was Roo and her father was Rampage. She was born in a litter of four, she had three litter-mates, her two sisters named Petal(YRF017) and Star(YRF019) and two brothers Raja(YRM018). Her mother Roo was the alpha female and her father was the alpha male of the pack so Tabby and her litter-mates were well looked after by the whole pack. The pack was a good size group a little on the small side but the pups had been born in spring and had a good chance at survival. All four pups survived to their first year, sadly their mother Roo didn't see them reach their first birthday. Roo was killed in December 1997 during a hunting trip. Tabby at the time was only ten months old so she was not old enough to take dominance. Instead her older sister Bella became the alpha female. Rampage left the group and was killed by the Celtics. Her uncle Prowler became the alpha male. When the eldest females started to compete for rank, Tabby stayed out of the fights. After the some time River Song, Whippet, Violet and young Sombra left the group to form the Quapaw Pack. This made Tabby one of the oldest females left in the group. She took on the role of peace keeper and nurse when Prowler and Vervain both on shot. Tabby was most often seen hanging out with Jade, another young female who kept out of the dominance fights. In late 1997, Tabby mated with a rover named Scourge and became pregnant. On December 28, 1997, Tabby gave birth to Aiden, YRF042 and YRF043. Tabby stayed in the Rascals a little longer. In May 1998 Tabby, Petal and Jade dispersed from the group, Tabby's young son Aiden tagged along with them.


The four Rascals came across and were accepted into the Quapaw Pack. The pack ahd been formed by River Song and three other Rascals females who had joined up with Hell Hounds males in August 1997. The pack had lost members and River Song was in need of new hunters, so Tabby and the others were welcomed. Tabby is still in the Quapaw group today.


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