Starlight is role played by Wolfgirl12390.


Starlight(YDF012) was born on February 16, 1996 in the Druids Pack. Her mother was Rapunzel and her father was Prince. Her litter mates were her two brothers Tarrent(YDM011) and Scourge(YDM013) and one sister Josephina(YDF014). Starlight and her litter-mates survived their first few months. Starlight's father Prince died Februay 23,1997 from disease. Not long after Starlight's mother Rapunzel died too on March 15,1997, and Oriole became the new alpha female. Starlight and her two brothers and one sister survived to their first year. They started helping out on the hunt. Starlight is currently in the Druids pack today.


Mother: Rapunzel

Father: Prince

Sister: Josephina

Brothers: Tarrnet and Scourge


Druids Pack