White wolf


Star is role played by Musiclover15.


Star(YRF019) was born on April 1, 1996 in the Rascals Pack. Her mother was Roo and her father was Rampage. She had two sister named Tabby(YRF016) and Petal(YRF017) and two brothers Raja(YRM018). Her mother Roo was the Alpha female and her father was the alpha male of the pack. Sadly her mother didn't get to see Star reach her first birthday. Her mother died and her father left the pack and died soon after. Star was only ten months old at the time so she not was old enough to take dominance. Her older sister Bella became the Alpha female. Star is still in the Rascals today. Star has now reached two years old. Star was Last Seen in December 1997.


Rascals Pack