Sombra Rascals

Little Sombra

Sombra is role played by Meerkats123.


Sombra(YRF030) was born in the Rascals on June 23, 1997. Her mother was Whippet a subordnate female. Her father was Sabota, a Druids rover. She had three litter-mates YRP027, YRP028 and YRP029. Sombra's aunt Bella was the alpha female and Prowler was the alpha male. Sombra was about two weeks old when Bella's four pups were born. Bella evicted Sombra's aunt River Song two weeks later. This started a chain of events that would change Sombra's life forever. River Song got back into the group but she later was evicted again after she spotted danger but Bella mistook it as a challange. One the same day Whippet spotted rover named Edward, she lelf the pack to mate with him. Being only five weeks old, Sombra was still very attached to Whippet. Sombra followed Whippet. After mating, Whippet and Edward stayed together. Sombra would not leave her mother so she followed her and her two aunts. They met up with two more Hell Hound males and wondered away from the Rascals after the sighting of two hunters.


The small group of seven formed the Quapaw Pack. River Song and Anubis became the dominant pair. Sombra
was the young at almost three months of age. However she didn't remain the only pup in the newly formed pack for long. Violet soon gave birth to five pups on August 1997. Sombra was by then older and she didn't need to be babied too much. Sombra grew fast and she had new play-mates. Sombra is still in the Quapaw pack today at 5 months old.


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