Ryan is role played by Sir Rock.
Ryan Bad Dogs


Bad DogsEdit

Ryan(YBM008) was born July 15, 1995 in the Bad Dogs Pack. His mother was Grumpy Dog and his father was Bad Dog. He was born with two litter-mates, one sister named Heya(YBF007) and one brother named Cassidy(YBM009). They were the first born litter ever in the Bad Dogs. Ryan's mother was the alpha female and his father was the alpha male of the Bad Dogs at the time. His two aunts alaso gave birth to litters which survived. When Ryan was a year old he started helping out in the Bad Dogs on the hunt and caring for the pups. Sadly both his mother and father were lost so Heya became the alpha female. Ryan went roving at the Druids and mated with alpha female Oriole. She gave birth to four pups named Jen, Luna, YDP023 and YDP025 on September 9, 1997. Ryan is still in the Bad Dogs today.


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