Rose is a none role playable wolf.


Rose(YRF011) was born in the Rascals on May 17, 1995. Her mother was Rugrat, a suborinate female and her


father was Prowler, a suborinate male. She had just one litter-mate brother named Jack. The two pups were Rugrat's first litter ever. Both pups survived to adulthood and started helping around around the pack. In November, Rugrat, Puppy and Rose were driven out of the pack by the alpha female Roo. The three females spent a few days on their own trailing the group hoping to rejoin, however soon two rovers from the Bad Dogs appeared.


The males stayed with the females and formed the Trojans. The eldest of the males Forest established dominance and Rugrat became the alpha female over her daughter and sister. After her first litter Rugrat was killed leaving Rose' aunt Puppy as the new alpha female. In June, Rose mated with James, a rover Rose agve birth to a litter of three pups, YTF009, YTM010 and YTM011 on July 15, 1997. Rose is still in the Trojans today.


Rascals Pack

Trojan Pack