Roo is a none playble character.

Roo Rascals


Fromerly the Alpha Female of the Rascals
Date of Birth
July 17, 1993
Alpha female and Alpha male
Piglet, Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger
Whippet, River Song, Bella, YRM007, Tabby, YRF017, YRM018 and YRM019
Known For
Firs Dominant Female of the Rascals
Role Played By
None Playable Character


Roo (YRF001) was born on July 17, 1993 on a nature preserve. Her mother and father were the alpha pair of the group. She was born with one litter-mate sister named Piglet and Pooh and two brothers named Eeyore and Tigger. The pack Roo was born in were a large pack numbering over twenty members. March 7, 1994 Roo's mother gave birth to three more pups, two females named Puppy and Rugrat and one male named Hot Dog. In Early 1995 Roo and her two younger sisters Puppy and Rugrat were taken to Yellowstone National Park and introduced to two unrelated males named Rampage and Prowler. The five wolves were released and formed a new pack that was called the Rascals Pack. Rapmaged established himself as the alpha male of the new group. Roo being the oldest of the females assumed the role of alpha female. Soon all three females were pregnant and gave birth. Roo gave birth first to Roo gave birth to Whippet, YRM007, Bella, River Song on May 12, 1995. Rugrat and Puppy also gave birth to their litters. Despite the pack having so few adults the three litters survived, only losing one pup to the Bad Dogs Pack. Roo gave birth to her second litter on April 1, 1996 to Tabby, YRF017, YRM018 and YRMP019. Roo became aggressive towards her younger sisters and soon began to attack them. She drove them out of the group for a few days but allowed them to return. She did this again and this time Puppy and Rugrat teamed up with two maled from the Hell Hounds and left the group. Roo's status as alpha female was unchallanged. In December 1996 Roo took her pack out of the to hunt but she herself was the hunted. Roo was shot by a hunter but she managed to get away and crawl to a small den where she spend the night with her family the Rascals. She died on December 29, 1996 and her eldest daughter Bella became the new leader after her.


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