Prowler is played by Head.Boy.Hog.

All the better to taste you with....


Prowler (YRM005) was born on May 12, 1994 on a Nature Perserve. When he was a year old he was taken to Yellowstone National Park along with his older brother Rampage. They were teamed up with three females Roo, Rugrat and Puppy and established a new group called the Rascals. Roo became the alpha female while Rampage became the alpha male. He was older then Prowler by a year so Prowler often roved at other groups or mated with the two subordinate females within the group. On May 18, 1995 Rugrat gave birth to YRM010 and Rosie, while on May 22, 1995 Puppy gave birth to Violet, Vervain, YRP014 and Vincent. Both litters were fathered by Prowler but sadly VRP014 was killed. Prowler remained in the group for two years as a subordinate male. Rugrat, Puppy and Rosie left the group to form the Trojan Pack. Then after Roo died Rampage left the group and his daughter Bella became the new alpha female. With his older brother gone the Rascals needed a new alpha male. Prowler was the oldest of the males so he took the role.

In August 1997, Prowler noticed Whippet Rascals and Edward Hell Hounds mating. He let it go. However, he noticed a hunter aiming his gun at Whippet. He quickly ran around the couple and killed the hunter. However, he did not notice the second hunter. Before Prowler could react, he was shot in the leg. With help from his pack, Prowler survived. Also in August, Whippet and River Song left to form the Quapaw Pack. He stayed in the Rascals a little longer. Prowler was Last Seen in January 1998.