Nimrod is role-played by Nimrod123.


Nimrod(VQM006) was born on September 25th, 1997 Into the newly formed Quapaw Pack. His parents were not the alphas of the group, instead they were a subordinate female named Whippet and one of the males, Edward. He was born with two sisters named Golden(VQF008) and Bhreac(VQF007). On November 1997 his father, Edward, was last seen along with other two pack members. Nimrod and his two sisters managed to make it through the first few months and began to hunt with the adults. However on February 1998 both of his sisters disappeared leaving him as the only survivor of his litter. He is currently ten months old and is still living in the Quapaw.

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Nimrod as a young teen


Mother: Whippet

Father: Edward

Sister(s): Golden and Bhreac.


Quapaw Pack

Whippet Rascals 

Edward Hell Hounds