Mora is role played by Mo2damo.

Mora Hell Hounds


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Date of Birth
September 15, 1997
Known For
Nikita's brother hunting
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Hell HoundsEdit

Mora(YHM031) was born on March 25, 1996 in the Hell Hounds Pack. Her mother was Molly the alpha female at the time and her father was Humphry. Her litter-mates were her two sisters Nikita(YHF012) and Lola(YHF013) and one brother Edward(YHM014). Mora and his litter-mate survived to adulthood. The mother lost dominance to thier aunt Polly, who later died and Holly became the new alpha female. Mora started to help out around the pack with hunting and caring for the pusp at the den. When he was young, a bear made its way into the den that he, his litter, and his cousins were kept. Then in April 1997 Holly died leaving the position of alpha female to Dolly. Mora remained in the Hell Hounds despite all the dominance changes. in August, his brother Edward left the pack to form the Quapaw Pack. In late 1997 both his sisters Nikita and Lola gave birth to litters. A bear invaded the den, and while the pups were moved by their mothers, Dolly attacked the bear. The pack managed to drive the bear off, but Dolly had died. Mora's sister Nikita became the new alpha female in Dolly's place. In Janaury 1998 Mora went roving with Cornman and disappared.


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