Lucina is role played by Aniju Aura.

Lucina a three months old

Hell HoundsEdit

Lucina(YHF027) was born in the Hell Hounds Pack on July 1, 1997. Her mother was Dolly the alpha female and her father was Vincent. She had one litter-mate brother Apollo(YHM026). Her father was a rover from the Rascals pack but was not apart of the Hell Hounds. The alpha male at the time was Humpry. Lucina grew fast since she was the alpha female's daughter. She and her brother were her mother's pride and joy. When Lucina was three months old, a bear invaded the den. Lucina's aunts also had litters of pups. Dolly put herself in-between the pups and the bear while several females moved the pups to safety. Lunica went with the females to a new den but sadly her mother was badly injured. Dolly died on October 16, 1997 leaving her niece Nikita became the new alpha female. Lucina, her brother Apollo and the other pups survived the bear attack. Lucina is still in the Hell Hounds today.
Dolly's pups

Dolly's pups


Mother: Dolly

Father: Vincent

Brother: Apollo


Hell Hounds Pack

Dolly Hell Hounds

Vincent Rascals