Leena is role played by Sir Rock.

Leena Bad Dogs

Leena Bad Dogs

Young Adust
Date of Birth
April 12, 1996
Pan and Forest
Runner and Jason
Known For
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Bad DogsEdit

Leena(YBF018) was born on April 12, 1996 in the Bad Dogs Pack. Her mother was subordinate female Pan and her father was subordinate male Forest. She was born with two litter-mate brothers named Runner(YBM017) and Jason(VBM019). Her two aunts also had pups around the same time Leena was born. When she was a month old the Druids attacked the Bad Dogs at the den site, luckily the mothers managed to carry the pups to safety. The three pups survived their first few months. Her mother Pan left the group in late 1996 alonf with Leen'a aunt Crazy Dog. Her father Forest soon left the group along with Gumpy in late 1996. The alpha female Grumpy Dog died, Leena was still too young to be intersted in domiance, and Heya became the new alpha female. Leena was seen with the pups most often and she helped out with hunts. In August 1997, she mated with a rover named Vervain and on September 2, she gave birth to a singal male pup named Konlok. Her son survived his first few months. In April 1998 there was a group splint after an avalanche. Leena was with the splinter with Konlok. Leena is still in the Bad Dogs today.


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