Kavita is role played by Patty123.

Hell HoundsEdit

Kavita(YHF008) was born March 23, 1996 in the Hell Hounds Pack. Her mother was Holly and her father was James. She was born with two litter-mate brothers named Dante(YHM009) and Anubis(YHM010). They were Holly's first litter ever. Their mother and father were not the alpha pair but her aunt Molly was the alpha female and Humphy was the alpha male. Molly gave birth a few days later to her own litter. All the pups survived to a year of age and started helping out on the hunt. Polly overthrew Molly and became the alpha female however both females died and Holly became the new alpha female. Holly had one more litter then she was hit by a car on the road. Kavita was one of the oldest females in the group however her older aunt Dolly became the new alpah female. Kavita played a low key role in the Hell Hounds for much 1997. In October 1997, she mated with a Rascals rover named Prowler. That same month, Dolly died. Kavita was the oldest female in the pack, making her a contender for the alpha position. However, she lost to her younger cousin Nikita, who was bigger and stonger. Kavita was forced to keep her rank as a beta female.Kavita became pregnent in November 1997, but she left the pack before her pups were born and was Last Seen.


Mother: Holly

Father: James

Brothers: Dante and Anubis


Hell Hounds Pack