Julie is role played by Patty123.

Bad DogsEdit

Julie(YBF012) was born in the Bad Dogs Pack on August 15, 1995. Her mother was Pan and her father was either Forest, Gumpy or Prowler. She was born with one sister YBF010 and two brothers YBM011 and Rory(YBM013). Her mother was not the alpha female but her aunt Grumpy Dog. Julie was born in the second litter ever born in the Bad Dogs. Julie's aunt Crazy Dog gave birth to YBM014, YBM015 and Saya. All the pups survived thanks to the care of their elders. Pan gave birth to YBM017, Leena and YBM019 on April 12, 1996. Julie was an older sister by now. Julie made it to her first year however she saw her mother be driven out of the pack along with Crazy Dog by Grumpy Dog. They formed the Celtic Pack. Grumpy Dog died and Heya became the new alpha female. Julie is still in the Bad Dogs today.


Mother: Pan

Father: Unknown

Sister: YBF010

Brothers: YBM011 and Rory


Bad Dogs Pack