Jezabell is role played by Sir Rock.


Jazebell(YQF002) was born in the newly formed Quapaw Pack on August 9, 1997. Her mother was Violet and her father was Marico. She was born in a litter of five pups, her litter-mates were her two brothers Kazmo(YQM001) and YQM003 and two sisters Whitefang(YQF004) and Roise(YQF005). They were the first pups born in the newly formed Quapaw. Her aunt River Song took the alpha female position and the alpha male was Anubis, from the Hell Hounds. Not long after the pups were born, Jazebell's aunt Whippet gave birth to a litter of three pups. Soon after her sister Whitefang was adopted into the Druids. Jezabell is still in the Quapaw today.


Quapaw Pack