Humpry was role played by Meerkats123.
Humphry Hell Hounds

Humphry as the alpha male


Humphry(YHM007) was born in a wild pack, his parents may have been the alpha pair. He survived to adulthood and started to rove at other packs. In mid 1995 he left his pack along with two other males named Butch and James. They met up with four females that were released in to the park from another nature perserve.

Hell HoundsEdit

They new group was established and called the Hell Hounds. Humohry estalished dominance over the other two males and became the alpha male. One of the females named Molly became the alpha female. The pack started to have litters but Molly was soon overthrown by her sister named Polly. Humphry accepted her as his new mate but she died after having a litter. Molly also died so their younger sister Holly became the new dominant female. Butch and James left the group to form the Celtics. Sadly Holly died and the last unrelated female in the group named Dolly became the dominant female. By then Humphry had been the alpha male for three years. Dolly's reign was short, and after she died defeating the pups from a bear, Humphry's daghter Nikita became the alpha female. Humphry could not mate with his daughter but he stayed in the pack to help her lead. In December a group of wolves attacked the pack, Humphry confronted them while Nikita and the other females moved the pups. Humphry was badly wounded and sadly died. He had been the alpha male of the Hell Hounds for three years and fathered many of the pups.


Hell Hounds Pack