Heya-Bad Dogs

Heya Bad Dogs

Alpha Female
Date of Birth
July 17, 1995
Grumpy Dog and Bad Dog
Casidy and Ryan
YBP030 YBP031 YBP032 and YBP033
Known For
New Alpha Female of the Bad Dogs
Role Played By

Heya is Roleplayed by SnapeFan1.

Bad DogsEdit

Heya(YBF007) was born on July 17, 1005 in the Bad Dogs Pack. Her mother was the alpha female Grumpy Dog and her father was the alpha male Bad Dog. She was born in the first litter ever in the Bad Dogs along with her two brothers YBM008 and YBM009. Being the alpha pairs' pups Heya and her two brothers were well looked after. Heya and her two brothers made it to their first year. Heya help on the hunt and care for the new pups. She lived in the Bad Dogs for a year and a half and soon she became the eldest subordinate female in the group. After her mother died the alpha female position was open so Heya, being the oldest of the females, assumed the role her mother once held. Heya is still in the Bad Dogs today as the Alpha Female, and now has four young pups to care for as well as the Pack, which lately has proven troublesome for her. 


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