Dominiqu is role played by Katy2000.

Hell HoundsEdit

Dominiqe(YHF018) was born on of June, 21, 1996 in the Hell Hounds. Her mother was Polly and her father was Humphry, the alpha pair at the time. She was born with three litter-mates, one sister named Blossom(YHF015) and two brothers named Stayne(YHM016) and Corman(YHM017). They were Polly's only surviviny litter ever. In December 1996, Polly was killed however even without their mother Dominiqu and her litter survived their first year.  Dominique started to help out on hunting trips and caring for the pups in the pack. Her father Humphry died in December 1997, then both Corman and Blossom disappared in early 1998 leaving Dominique with only one litter mate brother left Stayne. Dominique is still alive today in the Hell Hounds.


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