Butch is a none role playing wolf.

Butch Hell Hounds

Butch Hell Hounds

Alpha Male of the Celtics
Date of Birth
First Seen: September 9, 1995
Unknown: First Seen with James and Humphry
Spud Hell Hounds, Spike Hell Hounds, Sophia Hell Hounds, Epona Celtics, Sirona Celtics and Lugus Celtics
Known For
First Alpha Male of the Celtics
Role Played By
Noen Role Playing


Butch(YHM005) was born in a wild pack. His mother was either the alpha female or a subordinate female and his father was either the alpha male or a roving male. His litter-mates remain unknown. He survived to a year of age and in September 1995 he left his pack to rove along with Humphry and James. The three males soon came across four females.

Hell HoundsEdit

The three males stayed with the females and formed the Hell Hounds Pack. One of the females named Molly became the alpha female. Humphry became the alpha male over Butch and James. Butch was believed to be around the age of two when the was first seen on September 9, 1995 so he was probably the second oldest of the males. Since Butch could not gain any dominance he started to rove. He mated with Molly the former dominant female after she was overthrown. She gave birth to three pups Spud, Spike and Sophia on August 18, 1996. In Novemebr 1996 he left the Hell Hounds for good along with James.


The two roving males met up with two Bad Dogs females and started the Celtic Pack. This time Butch was able to establish himself as the alpha male. Pan became the alpha female of the pack. Soon Pan gave birth to Epona, Sirona and Lugus on April 14, 1997. Butch is still the alpha male of the Celtics today.


Hell Hounds Pack

Celtic Pack

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