Aiden is role played by Aniju Aura.


Aiden(YRM041) was born in the Rascals on December 28, 1997. His mother was a subordinate female named Tabby and his father was a rover named Scourge. Aiden was born with two litter-mate sisters YRF042 and YRF043. The Rascals were a good size pack, Aiden and his sisters survived their first three months in the Rascals and remained the youngest members. In May 1998, when Aiden was just five months old, his mother Tabby dispersed along with her sisters Petal and Jade, Aiden tagged along with his mother.


The three females and juvenile wondered around for a month before coming across the Quapaw Pack. The Quapaw had been formed by Rascals females who had left the pack before Aiden was born. However the Quapaw had lost members leaving them with just four adults and several younger members too young to hunt. The alpha female River Song allowed the Rascal females to join the pack along with Aiden. Aiden is still alive in the Quapaw today.


Rascals Pack

Quapaw Pack